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The state of Texas is a vibrant and growing economy and the top destination for business expansion or re-location.

Multiple publications call Texas the best place in America for business and in one recent period Texas accounted for one-half (50%) of all new net jobs in the country.

The reasons for Texas' economic success are many but a key contributing factor is that the state awards an estimated $400,000,000 million dollars in economic incentives to companies and communities across the state – each year.

Some estimates suggest that more than 50% of credits and incentives go unclaimed each year; our team ensures that these lucrative opportunities are never missed.

Quorum Incentive Negotiation Services provides comprehensive incentive negotiation services for companies that are relocating to, or expanding within, the state of Texas.

With our 25 years of experience in the Texas market, we have the long-standing relationships and experience to creatively pursue opportunities to secure credits and incentives for clients across all industry sectors. Our "most favored nations" approach maximizes economic benefits available to our clients. Those benefits include:

  • Cash payments
  • State investment
  • Moving cost reimbursements
  • Sales and property tax credits and abatements (tax code chapters 380 and 381)
  • Sales and use tax exemptions (manufacturing and utilities)
  • Land & property subsidies
  • Low interest special property & equipment financing
  • Permitting assistance
  • Workforce skills training and development, and many more

Services are available to locate and negotiate economic incentives on an anonymous basis which leads to competitive offers from preferred locations. Our client engagements are customized and based on your business objectives, key external drivers for the growth of your business, and lifestyle preferences.

Who Qualifies

If your company meets any of the criteria outlined below, our team can help your organization maximize the credits and incentives to impact your bottom line.

  • Re-locating or expanding your business in Texas
  • Creating or retaining jobs in the State
  • Establishing new facilities or infrastructure
  • Consolidating facilities
  • Incurring costs for workforce skills training
  • Incurring significant research and development expenditures
  • Establishing a data center
  • Establishing a life science/biotechnology enterprise
  • Establishing a defense-related company or locating in a community impacted by base closure
  • Locating or expanding in rural locations
  • Renewable energy
  • Accessing state or private capital to grow your business
  • Film production
How We Do It

First, we work with our clients on a strategic assessment – the 'roadmap,' if you will – about where Texas business, policy, capital investment, key alliances, and communications dynamics intersect to grow your business.

After community options are clarified, we target all available incentive and credit opportunities and develop a business case for incentives to be circulated to state and local economic development agencies.

Those results are included in a competitive location assessment. All such work is done anonymously.

Once a location is selected, our team can coordinate the application process and facilitate the necessary authorizations and contracts required to receive the incentive awards.

Protecting Your Incentives

Following incentives, you must remain in compliance. You may assign tasks and deadlines to a management employee (with compliance duties specifically outlined in a job description), or engage our compliance experts to make sure that you receive the full value of incentive awards as negotiated. Whatever path is taken, customized monitoring and reporting to ensure compliance is critical.

Companies that have taken advantage of Texas' vibrant and growing economy nurtured by low taxes, an affordable cost of living, business-friendly culture, and a reasonable regulatory environment have added hundreds of millions of dollars to their bottom line.