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Quorum Report: The business of politics

On Election Day 2002 Texas business got a shot in the arm. The question is: Is business ready to capitalize on the opportunity?

Governor Rick Perry, emphatically elected to a full four-year term, is a friend to business, recognizing that the business climate must be sound for the State’s economy and for its citizens who rely on good, well-paid jobs to flourish. But to realize the State’s potential, Perry and the 78th Legislature will need a wide net of support from business and the constituency the two have in common - the public.

For corporate Texas to do its part executives must communicate company goals and objectives more often and more effectively with their stakeholders -employees, retirees and shareholders - and the broader public, who in turn, must communicate more actively and effectively with state leaders.

Private citizens possess great power and influence in government and regulatory arenas, in financial markets, in courtrooms and, of course, in the marketplace. Corporate Texas must develop an encompassing public affairs perspective to ensure decisions made in the boardroom consider the power of the public in addition to legal, accounting, financial and management issues.

The people of Texas expect business leaders - as they do their elected officials - to work openly and in a spirit of partnership with the public, with the knowledge that their actions can dramatically affect lives for better or worse.