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Quorum Public Affairs Bolsters Texas Operations
Company offers roadmap and relationships for Texas business with strategic, creative, entrepreneurial approach

Quorum Public Affairs, Inc.

AUSTIN, Texas – 5/2/2012 Quorum Public Affairs, the 17 year old company that has advised the world's most recognized brands, is poised to bring the next generation of strategic communications to Texas business.

Company founder and president, Craig Casselberry, has spent 25 years in the public and private sectors, advising two Texas Governors, as well as Fortune 100 companies and organizations on how to shape public policy, open markets for products and services, and advance ideas and brand awareness.

"The business of corporate communications is evolving rapidly so we'll be creative in our approach. Today, organizations recognize that engaging stakeholders, influencers, and the general public across mediums can drive market value, brand favorability, and reputation. We offer the expertise and the relationships our clients need," Casselberry said.

"Texas is a destination market," he continued. "With our experience and relationships, we can provide a strategic assessment – the 'roadmap' if you will – for companies that are established, expanding, or re-locating of where Texas business, policy, capital investment, key alliances, and communications intersect to effectively position a company effectively and grow its business."

In 1994, Quorum introduced sophisticated grassroots advocacy techniques to the Texas business community, leading a campaign for tort reform that then-Governor Bush called the "the most powerful grassroots campaign the state has ever seen."

"It's critical that companies and organizations be nimble and creative, targeting audiences across multiple channels, including social media platforms. We've been innovating this business since our founding and will continue to do so," Casselberry said.

Quorum has managed more than 100 corporate communications and strategic issue campaigns for companies like Allstate, AT&T, Boeing, Dell, Exxon Mobil, FedEx, Ford, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, State Farm, and USAA, and been integral in the launch and management of several major state and national coalitions, including Americans for Fair Taxation, Texans for Lawsuit Reform; the Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions; Texans for Economic Progress, and the Texas Coalition for Capital.

In 2011, Casselberry joined forces with the world's largest publicly held communications firm to counsel companies and organizations on how to advance their business interests across a variety of communications channels and platforms.

Now armed with global brand experience, Casselberry brings renewed vision to Quorum Public Affairs through a strong relational and creative approach to client assignments.

"We've always believed that a company's growth strategy should include an integrated public affairs, government relations, and corporate communications strategic plan, whether you're selling a product, an idea, or a public policy," said Craig Casselberry. "It's how companies expand markets."


Since 1994, Quorum has been synonymous with excellence and innovation in public affairs. Led by founder and president, Craig Casselberry, Quorum provides strategic counsel to boost the bottom line of corporate America and leading organizations.

Quorum offers strategic assessments and key relationships to companies that are established, expanding, or re-locating to Texas to position the organization effectively and grow its business.

Casselberry has spent the last 25 years in the public and private sectors, advising two Texas Governors, Fortune 100 companies and organizations on how to effectively advocate for ideas, products, and policy. Drawing on his public and private sector experience, Casselberry authored "Straight Up: The Business of Winning Politics, Communication Strategies for Innovative Companies." The book provides a roadmap for companies to most effectively integrate a strategic communications plan into a successful business plan.

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